Our LCD products are available in a wide range of alphanumeric and graphic modules ranging from 16 x 2 character format to QVGA resolution. These cost effective standard modules are designed for maximum ease of installation. In addition to our standard LCD/LCM products, Golden Vision offers semi-custom and custom variants designed and built to your specifications. Whether your requirements entail modification to a standard module or the creation of a fully custom display, Golden Vision’s design team will meet your needs.


Acronym Definition Summary
STN Super Twisted Nematic STN displays are used for high multiplex (larger graphics) displays with moderate response times
GSTN Grey STN with bluish-black characters GSTN displays are used for high multiplex (larger graphics) displays, utilizing a different liquid crystal than the STN for more neutral colors
FSTN Film compensated super twisted nematic FSTN displays add a compensating film to STN technology to attain wider viewing angles with less color shift
COB Chip on Board With the controller chip on the PWB, a very cost effective solution with good ESD protection is possible
COG Chip on Glass Chip on Glass construction allows for a compact solution with very high performance
TN Twisted Nematic TN type displays provide the best response time and contrast at a cost effective point but are limited to low multiplex ratios
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